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You have a great life!

If you are breathing, your life is great. Your circumstances might be questionable but life changes. It can go from bad to good and good to bad. So breathe. Release every issue that has been weighing you down. Your life is great. You have to open your eyes and see the goodness of the Lord. It is everywhere. The sun shines so that you can maneuver through your day. The moon gives you a glow of peace. The rain helps the food you eat grow and be healthy. The wind cools you in the summer. The universe is here to make your life better.

It is easy to dwell on the bad because the media focuses so much on the bad. You can find good in any situation. I want you stop trying to go back and fix your past, it has passed. Decide to make your present the best ever. Tomorrow is not promised. Don't allow other people's problems to become yours. Pray, release and keep living with the expectation that God is working it out.

Remember that your life is great, right now. Breathe! You might be grieving now but you will laugh later. You may be lonely right now, but it will pass. So smile and even laugh out loud because you and God got this! He has never forsaken you. His plan for your life is still going to happen. You are his seed and he is still watering you with his everlasting love. We are passing through this world, wave and keep going. Failure is not an option and defeat is off the table. You will prosper and be of good health. You will be above and not beneath. You are the head and not the tail. God is for you and he is working it out for your good.

Be encouraged! Your life looks perfect to someone who can't do what you can do or have what you have! Can you hear, see, or walk? Some people can't but God has graced you to be able to do so. So be determined to enjoy the life you have. Problems are minor because the God we serve is major!

Be blessed

Your Favorite Ruby Girl!

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