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The Bird That Got Away

Hello Ruby Girls!

Summer is finally here! You weathered the necessary seasons to get here! Enjoy every single day of this wonderful weather. I will take the rain over snow any day. It has been cold here in Michigan for June. I almost put my jacket on today. Right now, I have my space heater on. Don't you judge me. I like my feet to be warm even in the summer.

I will not be before you long. Ha, is that not what preachers say before they speak for two hours?

I promise you I will keep this short and sweet, well maybe medium short and sweet. You ready?

Saturday, I was standing outside when I noticed my neighbor's cat was chasing a bird. The bird was limping towards me with a broken wing. I felt sorry for the bird but I knew it was going to be a KFC meal for the cat. As I turned to leave the bird to its fate, I heard a bird screeching in the tree. I looked up and seen a Robin who was frantic! Then it hit me, these must be the two Robins who are a couple and they always come to my yard every year. I turned around and told the cat, you cannot have this one. The bird ran under my friend's car in the driveway. I went into the house to get a broom to move the bird from under the car. When I came back with the broom the bird was gone. I looked at the cat but I didn't think it could have eaten that bird that fast. I looked around for the bird and seen it limping with the broken wing across the street. I called my neighbor and told him that we had to clean up his cat's collateral damage. Long story short, we found the bird and as my neighbor picked her up she cried out from pain. The Robin that had been following her flew down from the tree and landed on the ground with a thud. It let us know, we better not hurt her. I ended up putting her in my garage as I called around to find her help.

Here is the lesson I learned from this whole experience. The lady bird and her mate were comfortable in my yard. For years there had never been a threat to their safety because there are not many cats that roam in my neighborhood. They assumed that there would never be an enemy. The cat is new to the neighborhood, and she seen an opportunity and went for it. When the birds were on the ground, they should have never let their guard down. They are equipped to fight their enemies in the air, not on the ground. We can get comfortable in the places that we were not meant to be in (physically and spiritually) and the enemy sneaks up on us and wounds us. The enemy is always seeking someone to devour.1 Peter 5:8 (NIV) Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Satan will hurt us enough to cripple us but not kill us. After the bird was wounded, she was still trying to fly, not realizing how the enemy had damaged her. She was determined to get across the street because she had a nest with baby birds in it. She was trying to get back to where she was assigned to be, but the enemy had grounded her! She would be dead if the male Robin hadn't cried out in distress. He was interceding for her. She was in too much shock to cry out for herself! When I figured out who she was I protected her from the enemy. She was a regular bird to me until I understood someone cared about her enough to cry out for her to be saved.

It is so important to have the right relationships. You should be connected to people who will cry out to the Lord when you are in distress or sin. Your relationship with the Father will cause him to leave the 99 sheep to snatch you from the grip of the enemy. I told the cat not to touch her because of the relationship I had with her. Her and her mate comes to my yard every evening. Her mate will come near me if I am on the porch. They were even building a nest on my porch but I made them go away. Make sure God knows who you are NOW. Pray and fellowship with him so when you call upon him for help, he won't be like, I never knew you! Even after that bird was wounded, her love for her babies gave her strength to get across the street. She was wounded and will never be the same because the enemy damaged her. She might not ever fly again.

Remember this, the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy so that you are grounded. Some of us are grounded in unforgiveness, bitterness and even unbelief. Your soul is wounded, and you need to ask the Master Physican, Jesus to heal you. Don't' allow the enemy to keep you damaged and wounded. You were meant to soar to high places in the kingdom.

I am done. I hope you can pull what you need out of this story. God loves us enough to tell the enemy, can't have this one. You may hurt her but you can't kill her. Praise God!

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