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Who Will She Call Mommy?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

When a mother dies in childbirth, have you ever wondered who the baby will call mama? Will it be the grandmother, but which one if the baby has two? The choice is not made by the baby but by the adults who think they know best. For Carrie Mae the choice was made for her maternal Grandmother to raise her. Isn't it only right, since she lost her daughter in childbirth to have the baby? That should somehow balance the pain; almost like an eye for an eye.

Carrie Mae's father decided it would be best if he didn't take Carrie Mae home. The pain was too fresh. His wife of seven years was gone. He was left to tell three children that their mother had died. It was too much for him to handle. How could the doctor have made this mistake? Why did he insist that they have another baby? He should have been satisfied with one son, but he wanted another boy, but fate played a cruel trick on him. Fate gave him another girl and took his beloved wife. He felt like ripping his heart out of his chest, it couldn't cause him anymore pain then he was feeling. Hot tears ran down his face; some he wiped and some he let run down his chin to his chest. Then the people started to come, faces became blurred, words were all the same, "I am so sorry for your loss." "Is there anything I can do?" "She is in a better place." He wanted to tell them all to shut up and get out, but he restrained himself. He just waited for the morgue to come and take the body. The body that gave him four children. The body he was supposed to grow old with. The body that now lay lifeless.

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1 Comment

Your posts detail the tragedy and pain that your family suffered and the odds stacked against your Mom from the beginning. So glad she made it, by God’s Grace. I could envision the scene as you described the experience.

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