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Where have I been?

Hey Ruby Girls!

I missed a month of blogging! Can you forgive me? I have had so much going on since the last time I blogged.

Last month, I had to find a car. My car, Mr. Milan decided he had all of me he could take. He had 210,000 miles and he was 14 years old, it was time for him to take a rest. I was trying to find another car but I wasn't moving fast enough. My car's engine light came on while I was on my way to the funeral home. That was a Thursday. That Friday, I showed up at Crest Lincoln where I purchased Mr. Milan from, looking for my previous salesperson. I figured if God did a miracle through my salesperson Shawn with Mr. Milan, he would do it again. Long story short, God did it!

My car broke down the day before a lady traded my truck in! I had wanted my next car to be a trade-in. Trade-ins cost the dealership less money and they are willing to negotiate the price. This lady traded the truck in because she was moving to Africa! Let me give you a bullet point testimony about the truck purchase:

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