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What are you doing new for 2021?

2021 is finally here, the year we longed for in 2020. How is it going for you? Did you wake up on January 1st feeling like you had shed some emotional weight? I woke up and it felt like a day for me to go shopping. Every 1st day of the year I go shopping. I find some great deals on the first day of the year. It feels good to walk out of stores burdened down with bags full of bargains. Shopping makes me feel good and can you believe, I used to be a shopaholic? I used to go shopping every day. I do mean every day. My closet was so full that one time the bar collapsed sending my clothes to the bottom of the closet. The apartment maintenance man was quick to tell me that I had too many clothes in that closet. A woman can never have too many clothes, what does he know.

After I started working for my current employer, being fashionable was not a priority. Our dress code is business casual but people aimed for the casual more than business. I have seen some work outfits that were unbelievable. One day my colleague leaned over the cubicle wall and asked me did I see "Kira's" choir robe? I instantly looked over at Kira and burst out laughing. She was at her computer with a crop top choir robe on. It even had decorations around the collar. She just needed the initials of the church on the front of it. From that day on, she was on our fashion radar. She never disappointed us.

One day she was scheduled for an inter-company interview. She came to work with two different black and white plaids on. The top was big squares and the bottom was small squares. Talk about "check" her out! Then on top of it, she had on these brown bamboo shoes. We were worried that when she went outside they would catch on fire. It was a 90 degree day and chile, bamboo shoes don't do good in heat. It was no surprise that she didn't get that new job. The interviewer probably got vertigo from looking at that outfit!

We never understood her fashion style and didn't want to understand it. The one that took the cake was the baby jumpsuit. It was a one-piece gray jumper that she paired with a baby pink shirt. It did not help that she was just five feet tall. I promise she looked like Big Baby all day long. I kept wanting to burp her. LOL. She gave us many secret laughs through the years. Now you can understand how I fell off the best dressed list because of my colleagues. I never went to the extreme like "Kira", but it did feel good to go to work and not have to worry about looking your best.

I started 2021, with the purpose of upgrading my whole work wardrobe. I am tired of looking like a casualty of fashion. I am stepping it up. Have you fell off somewhere in your life because of the people around you? Maybe someone caused you to slide away from God or like me change your fashion sense. Well let's make 2021 the "Become the Best You" year! Let's shake off other people's influence that took us away from being our best self. My focus is on being who God created me to be. I am ready for 2021 and I am determined to make it my best year yet! Let's do this!!

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