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We are Marching on!

Hello, my dear readers. Whew, this has been a month! My job has snatched the rug from under me. They are bringing in a new system that changes everything that we do. All our years of knowledge is of no use now. Can you imagine the anxiety that I have been feeling? You can't imagine. I have struggled the last year and a half with feeling inadequate on my job. I am going to keep it real, it is my fault. When my last manager came in she stripped me of my duties, basically "demoted" me. No reason except, she likes to be the star. So I shut down. I said I wasn't learning anything new and wasn't going above and beyond anymore. Guess what happened? A new girl in our department stepped up and now she is the top person of the department. How in the world did that happened? I shut myself down and blamed it on my manager. I became a willing victim instead of being a victor. When I got "demoted" I should have started working on acquiring more skills instead of becoming a mediocre employee.

With the new system coming in, I see myself as aged out. I don't have the Excel skills I need because I haven't stopped and sharpen my axe. I am able to do my job with the skills I have but I know I could do better. I have purchased multiple online Excel courses and have not started on them. I use the Excel training video's at work but my knowledge doesn't stick in my head. It is a scary thing when your mind clouds over and it is a struggle to grasp things. I never had this problem before and I believe it comes with age. I remember judging older employees who would say, "I don't want to learn anything new" but would struggle with their work. They would do their work hard instead of smarter. Now, I am them!

Are there any fifty and older employees that are experiencing what I am going through? If so, be encouraged. We still have value. We might not be computer skilled but we are able to bring wisdom and so much more to the table. I have to STOP focusing on what I can't do and build up what I can do. I was an excellent student in school, I have to look at this new system as if it is a classroom assignment. MASTER it! I have to make myself relevant or I will be looking for a new career at 50 plus years old.

February is ending but March is coming. So I will march into March with a new mindset. Learn Girl Learn! Fight the brain fog. Do it, don't wait for motivation! So if you are experiencing what I am going through, let's march into March with a new attitude. We can do all things through Christ who will strengthen us! Let's show these young people, we still got it!

-Favorite Ruby Girl

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