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They Couldn't Wait!

My Grandfather Jimmy was a very handsome man. He was tall and lean but still muscular. He was hardworking and believed that a man takes care of the bills and a woman takes care of the house. In a small town, a widowed man who has proved to be a man who takes care of his household is as valuable as gold! Soon after the funeral, the women of the town couldn't wait to shoot their best shot with my grandfather. The flowers hadn't died on my grandmother's grave before the courting began. They knew my grandfather would need help raising his children and they were more than willing to help him. Almost every single woman in town showed up to "help" my grandfather with the children and the house. My poor grandfather couldn't even grieve in peace!

One morning, my grandfather heard a soft knock at the door. He thought it must be the wind or the children stirring, then he heard it again. He unlocked the locks and pulled on the heavy wooden door, which with a sigh released itself from the wooden frame. At first my grandfather thought he was seeing things because standing on his doorstep was Carol Lee. What in the world could she want? Carol Lee was his wife's sister and was as mean as a rattlesnake. Even at the funeral she wouldn't let anyone grieve in peace. If it wasn't for his brother, he would have had Carol Lee removed from the funeral. She cursed at the Pastor and tried to start a fight with the usher because she couldn't sit with the family. He had hoped that was the last time he would ever have to see her and now she stood on his porch. He had a good mind to slam the door in her face. She must have read his body language because she raised her hands and said, "I came to apologize for my behavior at the funeral, just hear me out". "I was grieving for my baby sister and I guess I just let the grief take over my mind. I hope that you can forgive me and that we could forget about my behavior". Now Jimmy did not think this woman knew what forgiveness was. He had to blink a few times because this woman in front of him could not be the Carol Lee he knew. She was dressed in a nice black dress which clung to her body and she smelled good. Gone was the rubber boots, overalls and the smell of cow manure. She even tried to put on makeup, but it looked like she used lipstick for eye shadow and Vaseline for lip gloss. Her wig was finally on straight and she had used Vaseline to slick down her bangs. Overall it was an improvement. Yup, there is a such thing as aliens because the Carol Lee he was looking at was not the sister-in-law he knew. "Jimmy, I need to talk to you about something that I think would help you and me out." Carol said. My grandfather would curse the day he opened that door because what she had to say would affect generations to come.

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