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There is something about me...

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Greetings My Ruby Girls!

As September waits to exchange the baton with August, I thought I would share some of my experiences. My one friend call them "Kay Dobbs" experiences. For some reason there is something about me that causes people to do or say the most uncanny things around me. Yesterday, I came outside to sit on my porch and this young man was delivering sales papers across the street. I hollered out to him and asked could I have one. A simple exchange of a sales paper right? Nope. He hands the paper to me and says, "Stay away from sharp objects." I pause for a minute and an Amtrak train of thoughts go through my head. 'Is this God warning me to stay out of the kitchen, which is fine with me' 'Is this a warning to trim all my cats nails, those nails can be mini-knives if I don't keep them trimmed' or 'Is brother a serial killer.?' So I ask him why he said that, he replies "Oh, I am just talking." Bro...who conversates like that but people who work in a knife factory! He went on his way and looked back at me with a look that said, 'She knows my level of crazy'. Trust me, it is our little secret!

I have encounters that will make the average person think I am a liar or I exaggerate, but these things happen to me for real, ya'll. I thought that encounter was the one and only for yesterday. Not so! I am sitting on my porch talking on my phone when I see a woman and her daughter walking down the street. This woman has my full attention because I have heard "things" about her. One neighbor found her six year old daughter trying to get into his car. He walked the little girl back home. Her Mom didn't know she was missing. She grabbed the little girl so fast and quick to pull her in the house, that she made the poor child slam into the dresser by the door. My neighbor walked away shaken by what he just witnessed.

My first encounter with her was watching her go over the speed bump in front of my house like the Dukes of Hazard. The truck she was driving went airborne for a minute. Then I heard the squeal of her wheels...Errrr as she turned the corner to her house. I was like, who is that? Later that same day, I left to go to an appointment and soon as I passed her house, I seen the Dukes of Hazard truck. Oh no, this person lives in the corner house. Errrr...was her wheels as she pulled out the driveway. It was like she was waiting for me! Errrr was her wheels as she came up behind me as I was approaching a speed bump. I flashed back to her earlier encounter she had with the speed bump by my house and just waited for her to sail over my car. Well she decides to try and pass me. We are on a residential street, who does that?? I pulled over and she sped past me like a fire truck going to a 3 alarm fire! I pull behind her at the corner and she takes off, Errr goes her wheels. She takes the turn-around, Errrr. She gets to the light and when it changes...Errr she takes off. I am thinking, who drives like that. She must have race car in her foot. That was the first time I noticed her. The second time, she was at the gas station smoking a cigarette by the pump! I almost didn't finish filling up my tank because I was trying to leave before she blew up the gas station. I was waiting to hear a boom and see flames reaching to heaven as I pulled into traffic, but God's grace was with her...and me!

Soooo, here she comes walking down the street. She sees me and doesn't say hello, but, "Do you smoke weed?" Then she says, "Oh, you don't look like the type." I tell her, "No, I don't smoke weed." She asks do I know who smokes weed because she needs some. The person on the phone is talking but I no longer hear them. This woman, I will call her "Errr", is waiting for me to answer her. I explain, to her that I don't know anyone I could direct her to for her to get weed. She explains to me that she has stress on her. I begin to yell out a prayer over her, that God will bless her with peace and blessings. She thanks me and continues to walk on. I feel sorry for her little girl. Her Mom obviously has mental issues. Who in their right mind would take their child with them while they were hunting for weed? Jesus help this woman and her child.

All this happened in one day, can you believe it? I have lots more to share but maybe another August, I will share it with you. I bet you would love to hear about the time someone threw a wallet filled with credit cards, ID and five dollars in the street as I sat on my porch! Not this time. I have to go and pour anointing oil on my porch. (Just kidding, but maybe I might have to) Well get ready for September to explode with blessings. September has always been a good spiritual month for me. Oh, did I tell you? I am on vacation for 2 weeks. I am free! I feel so light and carefree. I am getting a check for not working. I love it.

Until next time Ruby Girls,

-Your favorite Ruby Girl

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