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The Trip

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The last time I wrote about Carrie Mae, she was on her way into town to go shopping with her Grand-mama. Carrie Mae had just told her Grand-mama that she was too sick to go into town. Carrie Mae lied because she was ashamed of how her Grand-mama dressed. Can't we all relate to being ashamed of our parents at sometime in our lives? Maybe it was the way they dressed or they just embarrassed us in from of our friends. So don't be too hard on Carrie Mae.

After telling Grand-mama that I was too sick to go to town, I just knew God was going to send me to hell. How could I be ashamed of the woman who had raised me from birth? She gave me the world without me ever having to ask her for it. When that lie flew from my mouth, I knew she didn't believe me. She stood there with her green frogger glasses, shoe lace belt and promptly told me that I can keep my sick behind in the car. This was worse than I expected, it was 100 degrees Mississippi hot and the car already didn't have air. That's what I get for lying.

The ride into town was sweltering. My uncle's car was on its last leg. The back windows didn't roll down, so I was sweating like I had a fever. Every time we hit a bump, the radio went off. I usually sat up front between my uncle and my Grand-mama, but she made me sit in the back because I might be contagious. As we neared town, my heart started beating faster. I could see the new Walmart. I loved Walmart because you could get everything there. My uncle found a parking spot near the back of the parking lot after he dropped my Grand-mama at the front entrance. I just hoped she would let me come with her, but the look she gave me told me I bet not even ask to go into the store. I watched her go into Walmart and the devious side of me laughed because her wig was leaning to the side. Served her right! My uncle left me in the car with the front windows rolled down. He was nice enough to allow me to sit in the front. As I sat in the car, I noticed two of my classmates from school were in the car next to me. These two girls were very popular and I always wanted to be like them. I had my grandmother to even fix my hair like theirs. The girls waved at me and I waved back. Wow, they liked me. They asked if I wanted to play a game. I said, "Yes". They said, "We will give you a dollar if you run and touch that green car". That car was far, but I was a fast runner. I took the dare. I knew it would be a while before my Grand-mama came back. This day was turning around. I was about to make a dollar and new friends. I took off running. I touched that green car and started running back to the car. What happened to the other girl in the car? Only one was cheering me on. I made it back to the car and discovered why there was only one girl in the car. The other one sneaked out, rolled up the windows in my uncle's car and locked the doors. I was stuck in the parking lot!!! They were laughing so hard. How cruel can you be? Tears started running down my face or was it sweat? I just knew I was about to get the beating of my life. What was I going to do..... those girls messed with the wrong one. I looked around for a brick. I was going to bust their windows. I wasn't going down by myself. All I found was a bottle, as I raised it up to the window, the fear on those girl's faces were priceless. We were going down as a team! Suddenly, I seen a light, a green light, the froggers! The sun had shined on my Grand-mama green glasses at the right moment, I hurriedly threw the bottle down. Those girls were screaming and I knew I would be next. The froggers had locked on a target and it was ME!

I got to stop here because I am laughing too hard to write any more plus I have to leave you in suspense. Until next time, your favorite Ruby Girl is signing off. *Image from Google

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