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The Swamp

Updated: May 30, 2021

Hey my favorite readers. I know I left you anticipating my next story about Carrie Mae. The last story was about her and her adventure in the parking lot of Walmart. Her Grand-mama walked out of Walmart and caught her about to bust out a car window with a bottle! Go back and read that blog before you read this story. Okay are you ready for what happened?

Busted! My Grand-mama caught me red handed about to bust out a car window. My arm fell to my side and I heard the bottle hit the ground and roll under the car. Those green frogger glasses were locked on me. It was like those glasses had paralyzed me, I couldn't move. Even the girls in the car turned and were mesmerized by those glasses. I think those glasses had super powers when the sun hit them. My Grand-mama pushed that grocery cart like it was a baby carriage. It seemed like she took two steps and she was right in front of me. All I saw was my reflection in those glasses. She looked at those two girls in the car next to me and then those glasses rested back on me. I knew if the sun hit right, fire would shoot out of them and consume me. "Put these groceries in the car right now, I will deal with you when we get home." I never moved so fast in my life. As long as those glasses were not focused on me, my life was safe. I squeezed in the back seat and waited for my uncle to start the car. I heard him ask my Grand-mama where she wanted to go to next. "Home, I got some business to take care of with Carrie Mae." Grand-mama said looking straight ahead. My uncle looked in the rear view mirror and gave me a wink. What was that for? Did he not know this was a life or death situation. He was sitting too close to those green frogger glasses, they were affecting him. As my Uncle pulled out the parking lot, I looked back, those two girls were still sitting in the same position. Yup, those glasses were magical.

As we drove down Hwy 12, my Uncle said, "Let's go through the swamp, I want to see where they pulled those three guys out of the water." My Grand-mama simply stared straight ahead. She was conserving the power of those glasses. My Uncle turned onto the dirt road and curiosity got the best of me. I had heard that a few days ago, a pick-up truck had been pulled out the swamp. It had three guys in it and they said all three of the guy's faces were frozen in terror. I strained to see over the groceries and was awed by how close the water was to the road. The swamp road was the only way to get to the country without taking the bridge. It would flood at times and not too many people traveled through this area. There were rumors that this area was haunted. As we pulled up and parked, I was fascinated by the long wooden bridge. It was high above the water and it could only be walked on. Parts of the flooring was missing so you had to be careful walking on it. I had never seen a swinging bridge before. My uncle opened the door and told me to come with him. I looked at my Grand-mama and she said, "Go ahead". My Uncle walked over to the bridge and stopped to talk to a few people who were there for the same reason. As they talked, I started walking towards the bridge. I was drawn to it and as I started to walk on it, a light breeze caused it to rock. I grabbed the ropes and carefully made it to the middle of the bridge. I sat down and I could see rocks and trees sticking out of the water. It looked so scary but I wasn't afraid. Then I heard it... a soft voice...."Jump." At first, I thought it was my imagination so I just kept swinging my feet over the side of the bridge. I was up too high to jump. Then I heard the soft voice again..."Jump". There was no one on the bridge but me. My uncle was still talking to those people and my Grand-mama was at the edge of the swamp looking into the water. One more time the voice told me to jump but this time I said, "I can't jump. I will get hurt." The voice said, "I will catch you." So I looked down and all I saw was this muddy water and these stumps sticking out of the water. I stood up, I was going to jump. Whatever was talking to me was going to catch me. As I stood up, I heard my uncle's voice, "Carrie Mae get off that bridge and come here." I looked at my uncle and then I looked at the water, what should I do. My uncle was at the bridge, "Carrie Mae come here NOW." The spell was broken. I made my way to my uncle. He asked me who was I talking to out there, I told him no one. I grabbed his hand as we walked to the car, I knew something dark was out there and just for a almost got me. That was the first but not the last time I heard that voice as a child.

I will leave you with this, the voice was real. There was something sinister operating in that area. I wonder if those three men had an encounter with it that night. People say they had been drinking and driving. Were their faces frozen because of what they seen before the died? Maybe it was the fear of death as they hit the water, we will never know. Until next time-Your favorite Ruby Girl

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