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The Season of Release!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

My Dear Ruby Girls!

I do apologize for not keeping my promise to blog twice a month. Last month went so fast, that I missed even getting out one post to you!

Happy Fall. Fall is a season that teaches us how beautiful it is when we release the old. I have been releasing my fixed mindset and adopting a growth mindset. Since we last chatted, I have become a life coach and I have a special honor coming up in December. When I tell you that God has truly just blown my mind, you better believe me. I have dropped 30 pounds and I purchased my dream vehicle! God only gave me the "new", when I released the old. I lost 30 pounds when I released my mindset towards weight loss. I had to try something new instead of trying to make the old work. I received my new car when I decided that I was tired of fixing the car I had. The day my car broke down was the day before my current vehicle was traded in. Thank God, I made the decision to go after the new.

Are you ready to release the "old" so God can give you the new? Can you imagine a tree if it held onto its leaves instead of allowing them to fall to the ground. Year after year, more leaves would be added until that tree would bow down to the ground and eventually the limbs would break off. It would be too much for that tree to handle years of leaves. Some of us are breaking and bowed down because we won't release the old so that God can give us the new. Sometimes the "old" is habits, people are even our mindset! What's your old? Get ready to release it for God's new!

Ruby Girls, we are going into November. Get ready for your new! Release what is not good for you and pick up what is better for you!

-Your favorite Ruby Girl

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