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The Naked Truth about ME!

Hey, hey! Happy Summer! Finally, we can experience the true purpose of the sun, which is to tan us and to warm our days. The month of June always passes so fast for me. June is the official kick off to summer. Yeah, Yeah!

So much has been going on with me but God keeps my mind in his perfect peace. I have had to reach inside me and pull strength from the tip of my toes! When you know you are close to winning the war, the battle really heats up! I have been in a fiery trial for about 3 months. I have experienced character attacks, been scammed (Too embarrassed to share the details), people have taken advantage of my kindness, verbal attacks and unbelievably a physical attack. Sounds like God is about to bless me BIG, you think? Well I know he is! I have had to face who I am and where I need to tighten ship up at.

I can be too people pleasing which causes me to be left holding the short end of the stick. How did I get this way? Thank you for asking. It came from me staying in an abusive work environment for too long. Then I went from that environment to a church where the Pastor was controlling. The people were scared to miss service because it displeased the Pastor so. The spirits that I picked up in that church, I am still trying to get rid of!!! Let's talk about this people pleasing demon. It will literally numb your mind in certain situations and make you make decisions that you beat yourself up about. I always wonder why I choose other people's feelings over mine, when it gives me no pleasure. I have to learn that "No" is a word that I need to use more often. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I tell someone no. Do you have a hard time saying "NO"? Well if you don't, please come teach me your secret.