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The End is Near

Now what did you think of the title of this blog? Did you prepare to hear a message of doomsday? Relax, that's not what I am going to discuss or is it? 2020 has been a dooms year and the end of it is near! I don't know a soul who has not lost something this year. Even if what you lost is peace, it is still a loss. From billionaires to penny-naires, 2020 didn't make a distinction when it came to death, financial loss or misfortune.

As the end of 2020 draws near, what did you learn? Did you learn that man is a vulnerable force when it comes to nature? A virus that could spread as fast as a wild fire, changed our normal into abnormal. This virus wiped out generations that have survived wars, cancer, natural disasters and everything else that life threw their way. 2020 opened our eyes to our need for God. If not for God this virus could have wiped out millions and millions of people. We could have suffered greater losses than what we have experienced. God heard our cry and stayed the hand of the enemy. Thank you Jesus!

The End of 2020 is near. Do you expect 2021 to be the year that undoes all the damage that was done in 2020? There is no undoing to what people have experienced in 2020. None of us will be the same. We may go back to doing the same things we were doing before the pandemic but our hearts will never be the same. For those who experienced death, there is a piece of your heart that will always yearn for your loved one who died. Our hearts were broken and disappointed by the hesitancy of the government to help and protect the people who elected them. The rage of injustice caused people to riot and tear their own cities apart. It will take years for these cities to recover. Detroit is still recovering 53 years later from the 1967 riots. Blatant and underlying racism was exposed. Corporations scrambled to become culturally correct. Racist logos were changed and apologies, for centuries of using these images were offered. Wrongs were righted as much as possible but what about how we have wronged God?

Yes, we need to apologize to God and how we have mistreated him. We have torn down the Ten Commandments from court walls. Rejoiced at ungodly bills that unprotect the lives of babies in the womb. "It is our bodies we shout" but it is God's breathe of life we have been given to keep our bodies alive. Prayer was removed from schools and now our children are being groomed for ungodly living. Our children are confused because adults are confused. People used to respect God and his people but now we have been portrayed in the media as bad as some hate groups. The end is near, not just for 2020 but for some of the wickedness that grieves God. Churches were shut down and those that operated in defiance were mocked and even had to fight legal battles to stay open. 2020 gave us a glimpse of the evil to come, we must pray saints.

There is hope and our hope is in Jesus. Romans 12:12 ESV Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. We must follow these simple instructions in Romans. If you ever needed to be serious about your relationship with is the time. How will you handle great tribulation? Will you be like Noah and find grace in God's eyes? Will you fall for the wiles of the enemy like Eve? My dear reader, you must be strong in the faith and not waver. I encourage you to not go back to how you used to be. To be truthful, many of us cried out to God to change our lives and he did, but he did it his way.

The end of 2020 is near; how will you draw closer to God in 2021? Will you finally set aside time for God? Will you rush back to your "normal" life when the world returns to its normal? Please take these last few days of 2020 and ask God what it is HE wants you to do? Is it time to fulfill dreams and start working towards the vision he has given you? Only you and God know the answer to these questions.

I leave you to ponder over what you have just read. If Jesus is not your Savior, he can be. Confess your sins, Believe on Jesus and Accept him as your Lord and Savior. Simple remedy to heal a sin soaked soul.

Until next post,

Your favorite Ruby Girl

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