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New Year, New You

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

2020 is coming my Ruby Girls. Are you ready for change? Why do we feel the need to change at the end of each year? Do you feel like January gives everyone a fresh slate at life? It is a time when people stop and reflect on what they could change in their lives. They believe that what they do in January will cause major changes to happen in their live overnight. By February, most people are frustrated because they are still making the same mistakes and surprisingly, their life is the same.

What do you really need to do to change into this new you? You need to sit and be still before God. He will give you the path you need to take to become the person he has created you to be. Get up early and sit with your journal and pen in your hand. Begin to write out what you desire to see in your life and then talk to God. Then listen. Yes, God speaks back. God has given me strategies and business ideas early in the morning. Once God gives you instructions, get busy doing what he has told you to do. If you want more money, do more work. Craft, write a book, or start your own business. These areas will allow your gift to make room for you. If you want a promotion on your job, get there early, and take on more work. Stop frowning, this is how God works. The more of your talents you use, the more God gives to you. Don't believe me, read Matthew 25:14-29. Once you prove to God that you are a "doer", God gives you more to do!

I personally, work, blog, run my own business which is made up of three different products, but they all work together just fine. I have a business group and a ministry group while maintaining my Instagram account and 4 Facebook pages. Yes, I am a busy girl. Being busy is what has taken my focus off of wanting to be married. I do want to be married one day, but right now, I want to do as much as I can for the Kingdom of God. There was a time I begged God for a husband, (No shame in my game), now I am like, "I am good". That's a different blog. So in 2020, I do solemnly promise to blog at least twice a month. I do want to continue to write about my family because their story needs to be told. Sometimes I might drift and write something else, it's my blog ya'll, I make my own rules.

So my readers...until next year, tomorrow, next month...Be blessed and get your pen and paper in hand to hear what God wants to say to you. 2020, the year you SEE you faith manifested!

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