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March is marching out of here real quick!

Did you blink? If you did, you might have missed March. It seemed like March was only 3 days and 30 minutes long. For us in Detroit, March came in like a hungry lion. Our winter had been mild and then almost every Friday we had a storm. One Friday, we had an ice storm and I watched as the ice weighed down my power lines. I knew the more the ice piled up on the line, it would increase my chances of my power going out. No one likes to lose power, especially not in the winter! My lights blinked a few times and after much prayer I didn't lose power! Yeah!

Fast forward to the next day and our power company turned off our lights to fix people's lights who had lost power the night before. (Big sad face) That night, I found every blanket I owned and slept under them. Wouldn't you know it was the night my body decided to heat up on its own! I woke up soaking wet from hot flashes! In the two days I didn't have power, I had to use survival skills. I turned on the stove for heat and was praising God for the purchase of the self-charging phone case. It was good for two charges on my phone. During those two dark and cold days, my neighbors and I looked out for each other. We picked up fallen branches, shared candles and shared food. I was taking my neighbor to get supplies when we got a call our lights were back on. We were filled with so much joy! I did not realize what a blessing it is to be able to have lights until I didn't have them. We take things for granted until they are taken away from us.