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It is time to allow the Eagle to come forth!


I have so much I want to say that I don't know where to begin. There are so many things weighing on my heart and so much I have to tell you. Where do I start?

I decided to get a life coach. I am stuck in life. I need a push. I connected with this beautiful lady that lives in Antigua. I had never heard of this island before I met her. We both spoke on the Shawn Fair Leadership tour, and it was awesome. When she hit that stage, I knew she had been sent by God for me to hear her story. She talked about how she used to be withdrawn and didn't care for people. Then God used a business to change her. I felt like it was me on stage. See, Ya'll won't believe this but I used to be shy and withdrawn. I didn't like people and certainly wanted NOTHING to do with children. I didn't trust people because they betray you and stomp on your heart. I was messed up from life and lied to by the enemy. Thank God he changed my heart.

As I sat in my chair listening to Chrys-Ann, my heart yearned for my next. I know the life I am living now is comfortable and I am good at what I do at work but God called me to be great. I have been an Eagle trying to fit in with the chickens. Do you feel me? I know that God has greater things for me to do but I am too scared to spread my wings and soar on the wind. Why? It is because I have been surrounded by chickens so long that I think I am a chicken! I think I am a chicken because they have accepted my ability to be able to function in their world. I get excited like they do when I get my chicken feed (paycheck). I know I am worth more than I am getting paid. There are people who haven't been with the company five years and they are getting paid more than me. I have been there 20 years and I am still scratching to make ends meet. So why does this Eagle keep eating bird seed when she knows there is better prey out there. Can I be honest? I am afraid. I am like 95% of the people, I am afraid of success. Not failure, because I have already failed to achieve the life I desire, but I am afraid of success.

Success causes you to come out of your wonderful, nice, soft and safe comfort zone. Success also changes your friend list and the amount of work you have to do. To be successful, you must be willing to sacrifice in order to reach the level of greatness God has planned for you. There is no effort to stay in your comfort zone. You don't have to learn or do anything new. You already know that bird seed comes on schedule every week or every two weeks! An Eagle does not know what its next meal is going to be. Maybe today it will have a rodent, tomorrow a snake, but it knows it has to go out every day and make it happen. I desire to be free as an Eagle but I have to learn to feed myself. Whew, talk about having to fly by faith! Ha!

As I said, I got a life coach. Someone who was once a chicken but now is an Eagle. She knows exactly where I am because she has been there. She has fought through fear and comfort to become an Eagle. She will know how to get me out of the chicken coop and into the environment that I should be in. She will teach me how to use my wings again and how to hunt for prey. No more bird seed for me!

I am ready! I just need to reset my mindset from chicken to Eagle. The scratching for bird seed has worn me out. My poor wings are almost useless because I haven't used them in 20 years. Yes, I spread my wings after work, but I never get off the ground because I think like a chicken. Just do enough to meet your daily needs. Then repeat the cycle! Done with that!

Are you an Eagle trapped in a chicken farm? Has God been giving you signs to come and fly with him. God wants to hand-feed you during this season. Will you spread your wings and fly into your greatness zone. Will you stay in the nest and be comfortable? If you stay in the nest, you have a lot of explaining to do to the Master when your life ends. How do you tell the God of the universe who didn't give you the spirit of fear, that you were afraid and hid in the chicken coop? How do you explain to the people, who were waiting on your talents and gifts that you were too afraid to get out of your comfort zone and become successful? You don't have to explain anything if you make a decision to go after the greatness.

Extend your is time for you to soar Eagle. I guess I only talked about one thing, oh well. Let's get out of this barnyard together. Let's soar to mountains of new opportunities! Wings out, head up, let's go!

Until Next Time,

Your favorite Ruby Girl!

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