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I Did It Again!

This blog will not be long, I promise you! I decided to speak again on the Shawn Fair Leadership Tour! It was once again, an amazing experience. I met some powerful people and received exposure on internet TV! No one but God allowed me to have this opportunity, not once but twice. Thank you, Jesus!

I remember sitting in the audience and occasionally glancing at the speaker's schedule. I relaxed back in the seat because I was about seven speakers away from gracing the stage. As I applauded the last speaker, up walks Jermaine Stanley and I sat straight up in my seat. Wait, he wasn't next. I scanned the list and discovered they had skipped four speakers and I was almost due on stage. I immediately rushed to the sound booth and found out; some speakers were moved to the evening show. My heart dropped to the bottom of my high-heeled shoes, because this meant that my wait time had been shortened. This would have been okay if I was standing in a grocery line, but now I had to hurry up and get ready for the stage. I hurriedly received instructions, was given a mike and sent down the aisle. Now, I was in a different position. I was no longer watching others speak, I was next for the opportunity to speak.

As I was walking on stage, I heard the crowd cheer me on and I felt a spirit of acceptance flowing from the audience. As I delivered my speech, my legs were shaking on the inside but God was doing a work IN me. For someone, who grew up always bullied and talked about as a youth, to stand in front of a room full of people and feel accepted was big for me. It was the love and acceptance from the crowd that was overwhelming. For once I was included instead of being excluded. I was part of the in crowd, I fit in