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I Am Going To Do It

Last year I decided to attend a women's conference. It was destined for me to be there because I found out two of my friend's were vendors at the conference and one of the host sponsors personally reached out to me on Facebook to attend. I missed all the signs of a Godly set-up.

I was second guessing going to the conference because I knew there would be a lot of hugging and touching. I was still healing from a shoulder injury and I did not want someone to hug me and start my healing process all over again. I am sure I appeared standoffish to those I knew. I waved and kept distance between us. Oh, how I wish my doctor had given me a sling. The sling would let people know to be careful with me. As I proceeded into the conference room, I found a table of all strangers. If I didn't know you, I didn't have to hug you. I pulled out my chair, spoke and greeted everyone cheerfully. The conference started with a praise team which was filled with young people who were on fire for the Lord. I was able to lower my defenses and start to enjoy the conference.

The itinerary listed several women speakers from various churches. I enjoyed all the speakers and there were no instructions to hug your neighbor. I relaxed even more. Then *Evangelist Dee Dee came up to the podium. She was charismatic and full of energy. As she laid hands on women, I seen wigs shift, weaves about to come un-weaved and beautiful hairstyles were no more perfectly coifed. I felt all my defenses rise up. Evangelist Dee Dee's staff was just as heavy handed. They were laying hands on women and I seen so many of my dear sisters with fear in their eyes. They just knew their hair secrets were about to be exposed. Immediately after the team moved on from each woman, you could see them pulling out mirrors and straightening up wigs.

The terror of God fell on me, Evangelist was locked on our table. My mouth went instantly dry! Was I the next target of the heavy-handed saints? I started praying and asking God to please just this once pass me by, oh gentle Savior. The Evangelist eyes were locked on her target. She graced her way to our table and advanced towards me. I turned my injured shoulder away to safety. The Evangelist and the Mike Tyson team passed me by and went to the girl next to me. She swooped down and picked up the girl! I felt every thread of embarrassment this girl felt. The Evangelist carried this girl around and then dumped her on top of another woman. I forgot all about my shoulder because I have never in the life of being able to see, seen anything like this. The Evangelist said words to both ladies, but for the life of me, I think I went deaf. She then picked the girl up and took her around the church on her back and brought her back to the table. It was my turn! God must have heard my prayer because they laid hands on my head. They pushed on my braids so hard, I knew my braids were at the back of my head like Stevie Wonder's. My shoulder was safe. Thank you Jesus!

So let's get to the purpose of why God had me to be there. Later on in the service they invited the ladies to come up and be prayed for. I almost didn't go up, but I figured I would let the person who prayed for me know that I had a shoulder injury. As I waited in line, I was paired with a gentle soul. She would never qualify to be a part of the Mike Tyson team. The first words out of her mouth were, "You have a book in you". "You know exactly what it is, you know the content and even the title of it." My Lord, spoke through this woman. She was 200% accurate! She began to speak into my life and I knew it was the Lord. As I returned to my table, I just thanked God for a true word straight from his throne of grace!

So almost a year later, I set up a consultation with a book coach. She is going to help me write my book in 90 days. I am going to do it. The cost of her coaching will be no problem thanks to the stimulus check from the government. Won't God provide?

Last year, I started blogging so that I could find out if people would be interested my book. You all have been privileged to read some of the material that will be in the book. I thank you all for your feedback and encouragement, especially my dear friend Cathy. So get ready, in a little more than 90 days, I will have that book out of my heart and in my hands. Pray for your favorite Ruby Girl.

*Name changed to protect identity

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