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How it all began!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

"PUSH", the doctor said. There was no push or any life left in the woman on the bed. She lay lifeless as her baby struggled to break forth into the world. The doctor was stunned that this vibrant mother of three was no longer responding to his commands. He had given her too much anesthesia. Frighten, he froze until he heard, "Forget her, save the baby". The doctor frantically worked to get the baby out of her mom. At first the baby was also lifeless, the doctor worked on her and begged her to cry, to move, just don't die. Then softly a gasp and then a cry. She was alive. Wiping the sweat from his brow, with a shaking hand, he handed the little baby girl to her Grandmother. The Grandmother held the little girl as her tears splashed on the naked baby. The baby cried and squirmed, she missed the comfort of the womb. The doctor swiftly gathered his bag and said he was going to get the coroner. The family stunned, said nothing. As the doctor opened the door,the father rushed past the doctor expecting to see his wife smiling and holding his baby girl; but what he saw, he would never forget. His wife was lifeless, his baby in the arms of her Grandmother and he was now a widow.

This is how my mother entered the world. Carrie Mae was born motherless with a tragic beginning. Her birth left three little children without a mother but a sister that they adored. Sometimes death gets greedy. It devours young mothers, babies and not just the sick and weak. Death does not care about tears or fears.

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