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December is almost here.

Can you believe we are almost out of 2020? So many people succumbed to death this year. It has been a rough year but a year of revealing. I have seen how people have such a disdain for life. People will not wear masks because they have the freedom to chose not to wear one. They believe give me liberty or give me death! People have lost their lives because of a mask. People say masks don't work. So hospital workers have been wearing useless masks for years. Someone better tell them to take their masks off because they don't work. Lord, help us! We need Jesus now more than ever.

So as we begin December don't be in such a rush to get out of 2021. Remember we screamed and were so excited about 2020, the year of vision. Oh, how our eyes have been opened. A virus stopped the world and shut it down. A virus so deadly that it can take out whole families. A virus that people still think is like getting the flu. God is showing the world that it doesn't take much to stop it.

Use your remaining 2020 time wisely. Reflect on your life and what changes you can make. I had been crying out to God about how I was tired of my routine life. Now, everything is upside down. I don't miss my Pre-Covid days. I was in a cycle that I didn't know how to break. Now is the time for me and YOU to get brand new. Are you ready to become brand new for 2021?

Until next time...your favorite Ruby Girl!

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