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Are you ready for the new? Let's Go God!

Happy New Year! I am so late with this blog. January is almost gone. I can say that January is the best month of the year..maybe because it is my birthday. I celebrate my birthday all month long and sometimes it leaks into February. Hey, there is no time limit on celebrating your birthday.

I am looking forward to this year. I have the biggest speaking engagement of my life in February. I am going to make a major career move this year and I just believe my life change is coming. I have been like the children of Israel when they were bondage...crying out to God to set me free. I know God will require my participation in my freedom. I am okay with it. We say we walk by faith, but we forget to do the works. I am ready to work Lord.

Our lives are under construction and God is the master designer of our lives. In HIM we move and have our being. He BUILDS us up where we need strength. Where do you need strength today? God has helped me through some trying times. Bad tenants, job loss, 2 major surgeries, rejection and more. Why do I get weak when I think about making a major faith move? God has never failed anyone. He is faithful and just to do what he said he would do. We serve an amazing God. He helps us to do amazing things. Are you ready to DO in 2022 some amazing things? I am. Let's be determined to trust the Master Designer as he reveals the plans he has for our lives. Let's walk by faith and trust that God will be with us on this journey. Are you ready for what's next in your life? I am.

Lord, let's GO!! Strengthen us when we forget that you are mighty. Strengthen us when we go weak and get afraid. Strengthen us when we forget how you have blessed us in the past. Let us DO what needs to be done to get the life we asked you for. God help us to walk in faith with works that show our faith. We trust you God. Let's GO!

Until Next Time,

Kay, your favorite Ruby Girl

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