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A Beautiful Friend called Cathy R. Hendrix

In your lifetime, there will be plenty people that you will meet, but there will only be a few that will impact your life. Cathy is one of those few people. She has the ability to impact your life with one conversation. God has blessed her to have the wisdom to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it. I wish more people had this gift!!! Cathy is the person you go to for spiritual truth. You know that she is connected to God without her even saying it. Her relationship with God is what drew me to Cathy. I could sense that she had a strong connection with God from the first day I heard her speak. So let me take you to the very beginning of when I met, Evangelist Cathy Coleman.

The journey to connecting with Cathy, was filled with twists and turns. At 29 years of age, I was in a toxic relationship with a man who eventually would make me run into my heavenly Father's arms and never leave. I remember being at Leo's (name changed) mother's house and looking at this memorial picture of his grandmother. I asked his mother who created the picture and she told me her neighbor had made it for her. I asked for the neighbor's number, not knowing that when I called Ann, my life would never be the same. I called Mother Ann Hendrix the next day and explained that I wanted a memorial picture of my mom to give to my cousin as a wedding gift. Mother Hendrix was such a beautiful soul and we hit it off instantly. She took me under her wing and treated me like a daughter. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

One day, Mother Hendrix invited me to come hear her daughter, Cathy preach. I accepted the invitation and that Sunday I met a powerhouse in the Spirit. Most of my church experience was when I was a little girl in Mississippi. Women didn't preach, so to see Cathy not only preach with fire but also prophesy blew my mind. She was so kind and genuine, and I made a mental note to stay connected with her. Every time she spoke, I made sure I was there to hear her. I had never seen a woman that anointed in all my church life.

I don't know when Cathy and I started to be friends, but I am glad we did. She was there for me when I had to do the hardest thing in my life, put my beloved Mr. Babes down. I needed to hear from God, but heaven was silent that day. She gave me words of wisdom that helped me to decide to let my Mr. Babes go. My cat had cancer and at the time, Cathy was going through tests to determine if she had cancer. She was the last person I wanted to call but I knew she would have the wisdom to help me through the situation. I called her during her prayer time but she didn't go off on me. She put on her clothes and came to be there with me as I made the decision to put my beloved Mr. Babes to sleep. I don't know if I could have made it through that heartache without her!

Today, 3-3-22 is her birthday and I want to tell her how much she means to me. She has always been there for me and has been a loyal and trusted friend. I have seen her dedication and commitment to God and it has never wavered. Cathy, I hope this was the best birthday ever. You deserve every drop of love that was poured on you. You have made such a big impact in my life and in this world. You are a beautiful rose in a bed of weeds. You stand out and people are drawn to the Spirit of God in you. This is the year of major life changes for you. God has big plans for you. Stay the course, your heart desires will be fulfilled. There is coming a feeling of completeness that you have never known before. You are God's favored daughter.

Happy Birthday and much love to you Cathy R. Hendrix!

-Your Favorite Ruby Girl


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