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2022 was the year of God DOing it BIG

Greetings my fellow Ruby Girls!

I am back with so much to share with you! I am ending this year strong! When 2022 came into being, I expected it to be filled with the usual twists and turns. You know, death of a loved one, bills, trials and a few wins. Let me tell you, I must have hit the jackpot in the good year lottery! Woohoo!

Let's start with my first win. In February, I decided to speak at the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour which got the ball rolling. Our divine connections can be easily missed if we don't move past our fears. I had spoken on this platform before and had such a wonderful experience that I wanted to do it again. Little did I know that I was making a destiny decision. I just felt it was the right thing to do. I was afraid about speaking again, but I overrode it and signed up for another tour.

While at the tour, I was listening to one of my fellow speakers, Chrys-Ann Ambrose from the Island of Antigua. She spoke about how she had been living a mundane life. She was in a cycle of doing the same things over and over again. I sat up in my seat because before the pandemic, my life was dull, and I felt stuck in a pattern I didn't know how to break. Have you ever been stuck in life and didn't know how to get unstuck? It is the worse feeling in the world. The pandemic ended up being what I needed to get unstuck. I am sure your life has shifted since the pandemic. Yeah, or nay?

Well while Chrys-Ann was speaking, I kept thinking, this woman was sent here for me. When she said she used to work at a bank and how she used to be 14 years ago...this lady was my twin. I work at the bank, and I used to be afraid of people and withdrawn like she was 14 years ago. I knew I was looking at "who" I could be. I had to connect with her. We ended up connecting and she became my life-changing coach. When I tell you that the right coach will get you unstuck and better heed my words! That was my first divine connection at the Leadership Experience Tour (LET).

My second divine connection was with Dr. Renee Huffman. Dr. Renee owned a boutique and I connected with her because I needed help with my boutique. I took her boutique 101 class and we bonded. She unknowingly helped me to see that owning a boutique was a hobby for me and not a business. I didn't tell her that, and don't you either. :-) In June, she asked me to host a month-long birthday celebration for her on my Ruby Girl Talk shows. I agreed. She was publishing an anthology called, "Queen Esther's Royal Code" and wanted her authors to come on my show. I agreed to interview her authors on two shows. One of the authors, I interviewed, asked to be a solo guest on my show to promote her book. We connected and I enjoyed her book so much that I did a book review for her. She seen the book review and God touched her heart and she nominated me for an honorary doctorate.!!!.

Yes, I received an Honorary Doctorate on December 3rd in Las Vegas! God blessed me, a girl from Mississippi, who was so poor and lived in a house that didn't have a bathtub or hot water, while growing up to be bestowed this honor. I am so grateful for the elevation! If you speak to people, be nice and come out of your comfort zone you will connect with people who are instrumental in helping you go to your next level.

I forgot to tell you that I lost 30 pounds! I met my health coach, Tiesha Marie at LET in 2021. She was posting about how she was losing weight and I was getting bigger and bigger every time I read her posts. I decided to try something new, and it worked. I lost 30 plus pounds in four months by following a health program. I eat healthier portions and if I start gaining weight, I know how to lose it. I was losing weight so effortlessly that it scared me. I had been seeking and asking God to help me to lose weight and he helped me, but I had to do my part.

I could go on and on, but you probably have some wins of your own to share. Please do. Leave me a comment so I can celebrate with you! This is our winning season, believe it!

A song of ascents. Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. Psalm 125:1

P.S. I even ended up with my dream truck this year. God did it!

-Your favorite Ruby Girl

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