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2022 was the year of God DOing it BIG

Greetings my fellow Ruby Girls!

I am back with so much to share with you! I am ending this year strong! When 2022 came into being, I expected it to be filled with the usual twists and turns. You know, death of a loved one, bills, trials and a few wins. Let me tell you, I must have hit the jackpot in the good year lottery! Woohoo!

Let's start with my first win. In February, I decided to speak at the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour which got the ball rolling. Our divine connections can be easily missed if we don't move past our fears. I had spoken on this platform before and had such a wonderful experience that I wanted to do it again. Little did I know that I was making a destiny decision. I just felt it was the right thing to do. I was afraid about speaking again, but I overrode it and signed up for another tour.