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What is a Ruby Girl?

Welcome to the movement to create Priceless Princesses who know their self worth!

 According to Proverbs 31:10, a Ruby Girl's value is far more than the price of a Ruby. 

Ruby Girls are confident in who they are and God's standards are their standards.        

 A Ruby Girl is not perfect, she struggles but she is an overcomer. She has experienced pain but she chooses to have joy.  A Ruby Girl has reset her mindset from victim to victor in Jesus Name! She is BEcoming who God has created her to be. 

Ruby Girl card.jpg

A Ruby Girl is God's Priceless Princess. 

 If someone gave you a Ruby Girl card, which led you to this site, it is because they wanted you to know that you are special.

So before you leave our site accept Jesus into your heart and allow him to be your Lord and Savior!

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Creatively Bringing Christ To The Nations!

Ruby Girl is His Designs LLC's brand. His Designs LLC is a Christian retail company that sells products inspired by God. Our products have become synonymous with style and empowerment. Our online store offers unique products for the Ruby Girl brand and high-quality fashions. Our mission is to start a movement that will cause women to value and love themselves more. Our founder, Karron Dodd is a motivational speaker who has shared the vision of Ruby Girl from an international stage. She is available for speaking engagements. Fill out the form in the "Contact Us" section to connect with us.  Check out our website and start shopping today!

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We love our Ruby Girl Shirts. Me and my Mommy are Priceless Princesses.

- The Hendrixs

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